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Da Vinci Stucco Designs Inc. had developed as Toronto’s best Stucco Contractor in Ontario, serving Southern to Northern Ontario and surrounding areas.

We are proud of being able to combine vast, leading edge construction skills and knowledge with extremely competitive economies of scale resulting in low costs and peace of mind for our customers.


PUCCS is Ideal for cladding non-combustible buildings, compliant with sentences & (8) of the model building code, for walls allowed more than 10% unprotected openings.
Drainage/pressure moderated rainscreen.
DuROCK Cement Bear/Vapour Block provides an air-tight Moisture Barrier.


DuROCK Stucco Plus incorporates a polymer-enhanced, fibre-reinforced base coat for superior adhesive and cohesive strength, as well as a polymer-based finish which is available in a variety of textures and infinite colors.


InsulROCK is Ideal for Cladding non-combustible buildings compliant with sentences & (8) of the model building code, for walls allowed more than 10% unprotected openings.
Drainage through notched adhesive ribbons
DuROCK Cement Bear “ air-tight waterproof barrier”


Mouldings We specialize in installing many architectural mouldings and ornamental designs.
Exterior architectural mouldings: – Sils, bands, trims, columns, pilasters, keystones, arches and bows.


Services Includes:

– EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System)  – EIFS-Advantages  – Wall Cladding  – Mouldings

– Painting & Caulking  – Drainge Stucco Systems – Interior mouldings – Restorations  – Custom Stone Work

Finishes and Texture

Da Vinci Stucco Designs uses architectural coatings which are acrylic based and available in many colours and textures. These coatings are all manufactured locally in Toronto and are made to withstand extreme environmental conditions. They are highly flexible and literally bead water. These applications are applied by trowel and act as a sealant, and allow breathability but will resist moisture penetration. The finishes that are used by Da Vinci Stucco Designs are tinted with the finest iron oxides.

Da Vinci Stucco Designs
Da Vinci Stucco Designs

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